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The island is one of the most customizable features of a kitchen remodel. Many different homeowners have put their own twist on the traditional island and innovations have come a very long way. The traditional island has developed into many different variations that have at times become common features in modern kitchens. Here are some of the best island designs that will be the highlight of your kitchen remodel.

Prepare a Prep Station

Workflow when cooking is important for those that frequently use their kitchen. The ability to move freely from station to station during food preparation is valuable. The best way to develop a free-flowing kitchen is to set up the island as a prep station. By adding features such as a pull-out trash can, a kitchen sink, and a prep station pull-out, the process of cooking becomes so much simpler. No more jumping from one side of the kitchen to the other. Simply complete all of the food preparation in one place. 

Pull Up A Chair

One of the more popular island design trends is a hanging bar with stool or chair seating. The island countertops have an overhang where the chairs or stools are stored, enabling casual dining or lounging. This has also been called a breakfast bar at times, allowing individuals to eat quickly in the morning before heading off for the day. The island bar not only provides a casual setting in the kitchen but allows additional seating without compromising spacing within the kitchen.

Clear Cabinet and Counter Space

One of the great advantages of island innovations has been the increase in the amount of countertop and cabinet storage space that has been made available. With a kitchen island you can add appliances such as a microwave, dishwasher and even the toaster. This saves out counter space and makes the kitchen look uniform and organized. When these appliances are built into the island it provides a simple but sleek design that maximizes functionality. This is especially popular for those who go with a minimalist look, as it takes these appliances off of the surface and puts them into their own niche.

Illuminate from the Center

With the island at the center of the kitchen you have the opportunity for additional lighting options. Normally lights in this position would get in the way, potentially hanging too low. However, if additional lighting, for instance a chandelier, is hung over the island your kitchen can be taken to the next level. You can reduce any dimness in the kitchen while adding a nice stylistic touch.

These are a few of the countless design options for your kitchen island. If you have questions about a potential remodel or simply want to talk through things with an expert, feel free to schedule an appointment below.

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