Kitchenn Design Trends with

Resale in Mind

Kitchen Design Trends with Resale in Mind

As a homeowner you’d love to imagine that you will always live in your beautifully built home. However, things happen, and this mindset is often unrealistic. In order to ensure that you build a kitchen remodel with resale value in mind, we have compiled design tips and suggestions to guide you through this process.

Stability and Durability

Potential homeowners are going to want to invest their money in a home that has a durable kitchen, that is one that can be lived in yet still look modern and sleek. Quartz countertops are a great option for a remodel with resale in mind. They are very easy to maintain and their durability is well known. These aspects are easy selling points when pitching your home to potential buyers. Quartz also provides a reflective surface, giving the kitchen a much sleeker and enticing appearance.

Lights Lights Lights

No potential buyer is going to look longingly at a home with a dimly lit kitchen. With dim lighting the rest of the stellar of the kitchen can be overlooked and negated. It is better to install brighter lighting. Additional lighting under the cabinets and beneath the countertops have become very popular over the last few years. This additional lighting can build off the existing reflective surfaces and make the home look all the more appealing.

Spacing Is Key

You want your kitchen remodel to feel wide open and spacious. Any new homeowner will have the same mindset. If you overcrowd your kitchen with large appliances or bulky storage spaces, this can diminish the desirability of the kitchen during resale. No potential buyer is going to want to live in a home that they cannot stretch out and feel comfortable in.

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