Kitchen Ceiling Ideas
For Your Remodel

Kitchen Ceiling Ideas for Your Remodel

The ceiling is not something that homeowners often put much interest in to when remodeling. However, choosing the right ceiling for your dream kitchen can help drastically improve the overall spaciousness as well as aesthetic that your kitchen provides. Here are a few kitchen ceiling design ideas that you might want to consider for your home.

Vault Your Way into a Better Kitchen

Believe it or not a vaulted ceiling can make stark differences in the spaciousness of your kitchen. With a lower ceiling your kitchen can feel much smaller and even cramped. However, with a vaulted ceiling, even if you have a smaller kitchen in your home, you create the illusion of a much larger living space that will allow you take a step back and breathe. Granted, in order to create a vaulted ceiling, you would need a floor above, so be sure to check with your design expert to ensure this is possible.

Your Kitchen Will be Beaming

For a more unorthodox yet stylish and unique look, you might try wooden beams in your kitchen. This trend is more common in mountain cabins and rustic kitchens; however, it can be applied and make any kitchen look fabulous. You can customize the paint and finish of the beams and they are functionally efficient as well, providing a space to hang things or decorate around the holidays. Making the addition of wooden beams to your kitchen is sure to bring out its potential and make it shine.

Bring Nature to You

A glass ceiling may sound like a bad idea at first. It at times is difficult to clean, it is fragile, and it is exposed. Yet a partially glass ceiling in the kitchen can really open it to sunlight, making it bright and vibrant. If you live in an area with more trees, it opens your kitchen to the beauty that nature has to offer, acting as natural décor and easily becoming the talk of the neighborhood. A glass ceiling can really emphasize modernism in your home while also giving your kitchen a natural clean look.

These are a few of many options that you have remodeling your kitchen. For more tips on your future remodel, talk it out and contact one of our experts using the feature below.

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