Is Glass Cabinetry

A Good Idea?

We List the Pros and Cons of Glass Cabinetry

Glass cabinetry is a very modern design that can take any kitchen or bath to the next level visually. It has a sleek design and gives your kitchen reflectivity when paired with the proper lighting. That being said, glass most certainly is not the easiest material to maintain. In this article let us look at the benefits and potential drawbacks of glass cabinetry in your home.

Benefit: Sleek Design

There is no question that glass cabinetry in your home will as a design element that is incredibly unique. Your kitchen or bath will emit a glimmer that, when paired with the right countertops, can be stunning. Natural light will be reflected and the overall vibrance of your home will be greatly increased.

Drawback: Too Much Glare

There is such thing as too much reflectivity. If you go in the direction of glass cabinetry, you will want to talk to your design expert about options for reduced glare on the surface. Too much light being reflected can make the room heat up and can hinder vision at times. There is a difference, however, between glare and reflectivity. There are types of glass than can still be reflective without redirecting light right back to the source.

Benefit: Transparency

While glass is reflective, as long as there is not sunlight directly on it your cabinets would be transparent. This is more beneficial in a kitchen than in a bath, but both look exceptional. With transparent cabinets you avoid rummaging through each cabinet trying to find different items. You can see exactly where things are without having to even open the door. This also provides a unique element to your home that emanates modernity.

 Drawback: Maintenance

It is no secret that glass takes more maintenance than other materials. Fingerprints, smudges, and debris become visible on glass over time. You will need to consistently clean these surfaces. You must also take in to account the fragility of glass as well. Adding cabinet stoppers would be a great investment, as the last thing you want is for someone to slam a cabinet door and have it shatter.

To see if glass cabinetry is a possibility for your home and to discuss any other potential remodeling needs, schedule an appointment with an expert below.

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