Integrating Plant Life

Into your Kitchen

Integrating Plant Life into your Kitchen

When a kitchen is freshly remodeled it can look empty or simply feel like it is missing something. Something to potentially think about is incorporating greenery into your design. There are various nooks and open spaces where plants could look good. Here are some tips for integrating plant life into your kitchen.

Different Conditions Call for Different Plants

There are a variety of plants that each have their own optimal positioning and layout. If you have a large empty space or a plain wall, a tall plant would be warranted. Standing plants that grow upwards looks great in open space and does not make the kitchen space feel crowded, either. While tall, grounded plants are great for open spaces, smaller spaces such as nooks between cabinets are better for smaller plants. Potted plants such as aloe vera would do well in a location such as this. Handheld plants such as succulents are always best suited for a windowsill or elevated area that has access to plenty of sunlight.

Pick the Right Plant for You

Homeowners can get carried away selecting greenery for their kitchen and often bite off more than they can chew. Since different plants require different levels of sunlight, watering, and space to grow, it is important to be practical. What you do not want is to purchase multiple exotic plants and then slowly let them die due to improper maintenance. If you are someone who is forgetful, succulents or snake plants would be best as they require less frequent watering. If you have a kitchen that is rather dim, an aloe vera plant would be good for you as its growth is actually discouraged by direct sunlight.

Do Not Overdo It

If you have a sunroom where space for plant growth is accounted for and encouraged, you can obviously have many more options for greenery. Integrating plants into your kitchen is a more delicate task. You need to find the right space along with the right conditions for growth. With that said you may have multiple ideas that you want to try out. Start out slow and just test one or two and see how you like it. Once you have some experience you will be more comfortable taking on additional plants. Try not to overdo it adding too many at once. While this can be stressful, it can also overcrowd your kitchen making it feel smaller. Properly placed greenery that are adequately spaced out can look incredible and at the end of the day that should generally be your goal.

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