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Lighting has a prominent impact on the kitchen and in the home. When remodeling most people only consider the big decisions such as countertops and cabinetry. However, the lighting that you choose can be quite a big decision and can shape the theme of your new kitchen remodel. There are many different factors to consider when selecting lighting. Here are a few ways to make selecting lighting simpler.

How Much Natural Light Do You Have?

The amount of natural light that is let in within your kitchen is going to affect the levels of artificial lighting that you use. If you have an incredibly open kitchen that blurs the barrier between home and nature, odds are you are going to have a good amount of natural light. In a kitchen like this, especially if you are trying to be conservative with energy, odds are you are not going to need as much lighting as a kitchen with very few windows and little natural light. In a kitchen with little natural light, you are going to need more spread-out lighting in order to avoid dark or dim areas in the kitchen.

Fixtures Are Significant

The light fixtures that you choose in your kitchen remodel impact the amount of light that gets through. It is all and well to choose modern or unique looking fixtures but if the lighting comes through dimly then it defeats the purpose. You may want your kitchen to glow, looking sleek and glossy. If this is the case, you want to make sure that you choose light fixtures that allow decorative lighting to shine through giving your kitchen the reflective look that you want. The placement of lighting fixtures is important as well. A common design trend that is seen with lighting in the modern kitchen is to add hanging light fixtures over the kitchen island. Accent lighting is created and puts the main island as a focus of the kitchen. There are countless trends such as this so find one that fits your ideal kitchen that is functionally sound. Stylistically you want your light fixtures to match the theme of the rest of your kitchen, so try to avoid selecting anything that will look out of place.

Space it Out

The last thing you want is bright centered lighting and the rest of the kitchen is dimly lit. Space out the lighting and light fixtures across the entire kitchen to ensure even coverage. The addition of lighting under cabinets, on the floor and even within cabinets help to make your kitchen illuminate even more. These additions help accent the different surfaces in your kitchen and avoid darker spots, creating comprehensive and modern looking coverage.

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