Has the Walk-in pantry
Gone out of style?

Has the Walk in Pantry Out-lived its Usefulness?

The walk-in pantry has consistently been a popular option in the modern kitchen. Many homeowners like having the added storage space. Recently however homeowners have been trending towards more modern storage methods that take up less space and take advantage of all of the space given. Hanging racks, added shelving, and island storage are all on the rise.

The walk-in pantry takes a significant portion out of the kitchen in terms of square footage. If you have a smaller kitchen in the first place, you cannot afford to sacrifice that area for a pantry. This is why newer trends like backsplash shelving have become increasingly popular.  You take advantage of all the storage space you have without making your kitchen feel overcrowded. Because of the innovation of kitchen design specialists, there is genuinely no need for a full-size pantry in the modern kitchen.

The walk-in pantry may be becoming less popular because of the issues that it brings. With a much larger food storage area, homeowners often oversupply their pantry leading to food spoilage; ingredients fall to the back of the shelves, completely forgotten. Knowing the limitations of your kitchen and its storage space can help you keep your shopping in moderation and save money in the long run. Utilizing modern storage methods, all ingredients are present and visible so that nothing is forgotten.

A walk-in pantry still has plenty of benefits and it is still somewhat common in modern kitchens. The innovations of current kitchen design trends have simply encompassed the issues that the walk-in pantry solves. If you are a homeowner that cooks frequently and in volume a full-size pantry is still the best idea for your kitchen, just know you have many other options as well.

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