Best Overall Options for

Kitchen Countertops

Best Overall Kitchen Countertop Options

When remodeling your kitchen, the countertop material is one of the most pivotal decisions you will make. You want material that can be used as well as lived in without showing signs of wear. Here are your best options to consider when remodeling your kitchen.


Quartz has become extremely popular in the remodeling industry due to the reflective texture as well as the durability. While also giving off an elegant sleek aesthetic, quartz also provides many advantages that other countertops do not such as scratch and heat resistance. These countertops are extremely easy to maintain and clean. It appears that this trend is here to stay as the popularity of quartz has grown exponentially. With all these benefits along with the durability and lasting integrity of quartz, you cannot go wrong making this your choice for your kitchen countertops.


Marble countertops have been the cornerstone for the modern kitchen for the greater part of the last decade. Marble does not necessarily come with the functional advantages that quartz does, yet it is a beautiful and sleek material that is sure to make your kitchen look elegant and modern. Marble does not show any signs of going out of style, so if you are looking for a kitchen that is timeless and will last through the coming decades this would be a great option.


Often considered one of the most widely popular materials for kitchen countertops, you cannot miss going in the direction of Granite. Granite countertops are sleek, reflective, and truly help your kitchen embody class and modernism. Similar to marble, these countertops do take a little more work in terms of maintenance but are certainly worth the potential drawbacks. With the addition of granite your kitchen will be the depiction of modern and will certainly give off the feeling of a new home.

Here at Central Cabinetry, we are determined to help you attain your dream kitchen. These are just a few of the multitude of options we have available. If you think you are ready to make the first step in beginning your kitchen remodel, schedule an appointment below.

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