Kitchen Remodeling
Mistakes to Avoid

Do Not Make These Mistakes During Your Kitchen Remodel

  1. Do What Makes You Happy-Not Others

A kitchen remodel can be a fun process. You get to decide how your kitchen is laid out and what aesthetic it will possess. Often homeowners involve the input of others and that is totally okay. Taking others input can be greatly beneficial and help you make many important decisions when it comes to your remodel. At the end of the day, however, it is your kitchen. You are the one that is going to be living in it and you are the one that is paying for it. Try not to allow other opinions to sway the direction of your remodel too much. Make the decisions that will make you happy, not impress others. You will be very satisfied with the result if you trust your gut instincts and follow your vision for the remodel.

  1. Function Over Form

The phrase ‘form over function’ is commonly thrown around. When remodeling you are torn between what looks more appealing and what makes more sense logistically. Sometimes you can get the best of both worlds, like a quartz countertop for example. It looks gorgeous while also being functionally sound. In the rest of the kitchen, you need to ensure that the form of the kitchen is not degrading the function. In the end you want a kitchen that benefits you and is easy to use. Instead of having congruent flat shelves in cabinets, perhaps you add in pullout spice racks or a Lazy Susan cabinet organizer. This makes items on the shelves much more accessible while at the same time withstanding from compromising the beauty of the kitchen. 

  1. You Need Space

Piggybacking off the last mistake, homeowners at times choose what looks more appealing rather than give themselves more storage and counter space. There are various additions that can be made while remodeling to give you the added space needed. Keep in mind that having too much space in your kitchen is rarely an issue, but the lack of space often is. Talk to your expert and see what ideas they have; we guarantee you that there are limitless possibilities. 

Here at Central Cabinetry, we want to make the best of your remodeling experience. For any questions or design advice, schedule an appointment with a design expert below.


“We learned SO MUCH from your blog! Thank you for helping us understand what we needed to get such a great kitchen!”

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