3 Tips for

Cabinet Maintenance

Tips for Cabinet Maintenance

Once you have your dream kitchen remodel, you want it to stay as new as possible for as long as possible. Here at Central Cabinetry, we want you to be able to live in your home without it showing wear either. While some of it comes down to the durability of the materials chosen, a little maintenance can go a long way in terms of preservation. Here are some tips for cabinet maintenance to ensure that your new kitchen stays in pristine condition.

Wipe it Down…Frequently

You want to give your cabinet surfaces a good wipe down to prevent the accumulation of dirt or grime. Be sure to use mild soap, anything too strong can damage the finish of the wood. A simple mixture of water and about half the soap should suffice. Be sure to select the cleaning material carefully. Do not use anything coarse, a soft sponge such as a magic eraser or a lighter textured cloth. You don’t want the soap to sit so after the initial scrub you will want to rinse with a wet cloth dipped in just water. Finally, be sure to dry the cabinets immediately after cleaning to prevent water damage. 

Be Sure to Deep Clean…But Not So Frequently

Deep cleaning cabinet surfaces can be tricky, especially those with a delicate finish. For tougher stains, such as grease, you can use baking soda or oil soap. However, be sure to check with the manufacturer to ensure that these cleaning agents will not be too tough on the wood finish. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your home. Ensure that you use nonabrasive materials when cleaning.

Polish to Maintain the Glimmer

If you have cabinets that have reflective surfaces, you will want to be sure to wax and polish your cabinets. Use traditional wood cleaner every so often as it allows the finish to maintain its color and vibrancy. Try not to use commercial wax on your cabinets as it can become too difficult to refinish due to the layer that builds up over the wood finish. To polish, use an un-abrasive softer cloth and furniture polish to make those cabinets shine.

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