Central OCD Kitchen.pngDo you find yourself never able to stay ahead of your kitchen becoming messy, disorganized and dirty? Many people can barely keep up with getting the dishes done and the counters cleaned off, and minutes after they even do that much, family members are messing it up more by taking things out and not putting them away or dirtying more dishes, etc.

You probably know someone who has an immaculate, clean kitchen, and everything is always in its place and kept perfectly clean. Some rare people have a certain OCD-type quality that makes them unwilling to allow their kitchen to become disorganized. They always keep things immaculately and in their place, staying not only ahead of the cleaning up work in the kitchen, but they can somehow keep everything perfectly organized and deep-cleaned as well.

Most people dont have that sought-after quality. So, for the rest of us, how do we conquer the inability to stay ahead of it? Here are some thoughts that can help you.

Hire the OCD Person

Many OCD-type people referred to above recognize they have a gift of organizing (because they see everyone elses messed-up kitchens!). They can be an invaluable source to help you get started. For many people, things dont get put away, or they get put away sloppy because theres no consistent, organized place to keep them. The OCD Friend can help you define where everything goes, and help you make a system for putting everything away correctly. This is how they have more time to clean. Its because things go immediately where they are supposed to and theyre off to the next cleaning item. Hire them for a short time to make you get organized and more efficient.

Take One Day

After cleaning, take a day to design your kitchen organization. Make a place where everything will live, and make it clear so it always gets put back the same place. Then get the family together and make them sign a contract that says I will put things back immediately where theyre supposed to go. If the place is there and obvious, people are much more likely to use it instead of making a mess.

When You Remodel Help Yourself

When you remodel put organizers and design where everything will go. Let your kitchen designer understand what your kitchen issues are, and he or she will be able to design in solutions for you to solve them. This is a MUST when doing a new kitchen. Its the perfect time to put fixes in for things you want different in your house.

At Central Cabinetry, we can help you make life much better. Our designers know all the tricks to help you change your methods of maintaining a kitchen. If youre ready for help, contact us here.

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