Central Cabinet Molding Main PictureMost people dont realize all the different options when it comes to adding molding to the top and base of their cabinets when remodeling a kitchen. While many homeowners are familiar with the standard crown and shoe molding, they might be surprised to find out there is a variety of styles to choose from.

It is easy to underestimate what the right cabinet molding can do for your kitchen. It can give a basic kitchen a custom look and really make it stand out. Its important to not only know the names, but what each type of molding actually looks like. There is nothing worse than thinking you are getting one thing and end up with something completely different.

The purpose of molding is to give a kitchen a finished look and add style. In some instances it is used to cover the gaps between the ceiling and the cabinet or can also be used to cover where the flooring and cabinet dont meet exactly.

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Central traditional crown moldingTraditional/ Standard Crown Molding You will often find this molding in most spec homes and is one of the more often used in the kitchen industry. It is also the least expensive of the moldings applied to the top of cabinets. It can help the cabinet appear larger and help cover small gaps between the ceiling and the cabinet.

Interior Crown Molding This is similar to the standard crown molding but extends past the cabinets around the room. It helps create continuity in the kitchen.

Central Continuous Molding

Decorative/Ornamental Molding – There is a wide variety of designs to choose from. You might opt for a braided rope look, geometric designs, dentil molding, or other carved designs. You will want to talk with your cabinet company to find out what designs they have.

Central decorative kemper Central Decorative 3

Stacked Crown Molding – With higher ceilings in homes today people are using this type of molding as a decorative piece. It is where more than one molding is combined and stacked. Even though you may be using two or more moldings they appear to be one large piece of molding. Some types of moldings you might consider stacking area piece of braided or dentil molding with crown or angled molding. You can also accentuate the layers by staining the decorative piece of molding. This is one of the more expensive types of molding and will require an experienced installer.

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Edge Molding This type of molding is exactly what it sounds like. It is usually added to the edge of an open shelf or to the base of an upper cabinet to conceal under cabinet lighting.

Central Edge Molding Central Edge Molding 2

Central shoe moldingShoe Molding/Corner Round This is applied to the perimeter of the base cabinet. It connects the cabinet to the flooring. I is perfect for hiding floor imperfections where it may not meet exactly at the base of the cabinet. It is a cheaper option than putting the cabinets on top of the flooring and can save some money. If you want it to look right make sure that there is a stain that matches the cabinet or is a contrasting color that matches the molding for the upper cabinets.

Furniture Base Molding This is perfect for the person who does not want to have a recessed toe kick. It gives your cabinet a finished furniture look. You see it most often around islands or where it is not a problem to lose foot space.

Central furniture molding Central Base Molding

Frame Molding/Applied This type of molding is applied directly to the top of the cabinet. It is often used to help customize range hoods or create a custom look for a cabinet.

Central Insert Molding Central insert moulding 2

Central Stop moldingFreeze Board/ Stop Molding It is most commonly used in modern kitchen designs. Its a flat molding that extends the cabinet to the ceiling. This is for the individual who is looking for a simple and less decorative look.

Central Cabinetry can help you decide which type of cabinet moldings will work best for your Orlando area kitchen remodel. We can help you accessorize and give your kitchen the perfect custom look. If you would like to talk to one of our design experts you can contact us here.

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