Are you thinking about getting a new kitchen? Studies show that homeowners start looking and educating themselves about kitchens up to 2 years before the begin their project. We call this pre-kitchen remodel phase the Greenhouse Phase.

Greenhouse.pngThe Greenhouse Phase is when youre getting all your ducks in a row. Its when youre considering what you need, educating yourself, paying attention to what you like and dont like about your current kitchen, how much things cost, etc. Its a very important phase.

The reason its helpful is that consumers that utilize this phase and educate themselves end up having more successful projects, and have less stress and worry during their kitchen project. Thats because they understand more about whats going on, what will happen during their project, and they have less surprises. Surprises are the main source of stress in a project (these arent good surprises!).

Were here to help you make the most of your Greenhouse Phase before you actually meet with a designer to begin your project. Many dealers just want to see you when youre ready to buy. We know thats not reasonable, nor is it helpful. Were here to help you all along the way.

The Central Cabinetry blog youre reading is an example. Its filled with tons of information that will help you prepare in every way for your project. You will enjoy it so much more and worry so much less by being so well prepared.

Here are some highlights to help you prepare yourself in the best way possible during your Greenhouse Phase. Start with these and peruse the other articles to educate yourself as well:

1 There are tons of great ideas youll want to put on your shopping list for your kitchen

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2 Download our guides that teach you all about the Kitchen Remodel Process. Theyre invaluable!

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3 Look for the things that would catch you off guard or cause unwanted surprises during your project, and educate yourself:

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4 Learn about trade-offs you might have to consider to meet your budget:

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5 Learn what to expect in a Kitchen Designer for best results:

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6 Have a place to capture all your thoughts and ideas throughout the Greenhouse Phase as you learn:

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7 Dont forget to effectively capture the memories of the project before and after. Youll kick yourself if you dont:

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8 Get familiar with the kitchen industry jargon and terms so you know whats being talked about:

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9 How to get started in a Remodel Project

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10 Educate yourself on all the latest trends and see what you like:

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Our blog also gives you a lot of free, information-packed guides to coach and educate you on everything related to kitchens.

Take advantage of these unmatched resources Central Cabinetry offers you for your Greenhouse Phase and contact us if we can help in any other way.

Contact one of our experts here if we can guide you.

Also download our DIY remodel guide to help you get started:

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