Orlando cabinetry flat panelDid you ever think there would be so much involved in a kitchen remodel? Its not as simple as just choosing a countertop, a floor, some appliances and some cabinets its the details that really make the room talkthe colors, the accessories, the paneling, etc.

Take cabinets for example. Not only do you need to choose a cabinet, but you need to decide if youd like it to be a door or a drawer, choose the finish, the interior organization extras and of course the door style (among other things).

Choose wisely

Cabinet doors really speak about the look youre trying to achieve and can be as simple or ornate as you deem fit. Here are a few popular choices for kitchen cabinet door styles:

Flat panel Just as it sounds, the flat-panel cabinet door comes with a center-panel that is flat, rather than raised. They can remain as one panel, or be built up, but they remain flat. This style tends to be paired with minimal details, which lends itself nicely to many styles, but is often preferred by those who are looking for a clean, sleek design. The beauty is in the simplicity.

Shaker The shaker style cabinet door is one of the most popular options, and rightfully so. This built-up flat panel style consists of five flat panels one flat center panel and four along the frame. The simplicity of this door agrees with almost all kitchen styles.

Slab If youre looking for complete simplicity for a contemporary kitchen, a slab door style might be for you. This style consists of a solid door with no frame. Details often present themselves through wood graining, varying edge options (smooth or sharp) or finishes.

Raised panel Differing from flat-panel cabinets, the center panels on these cabinets are raised. They consist of an outer frame and an inner panel which both remain on the same plane. The raised panel style often finds its home in traditional kitchens.

Options abound

In addition to these four popular cabinet door styles are countless other possibilities. If you have a certain look in mind, check with your designer to see what they recommend. While stock cabinets can be somewhat limiting, custom cabinets provide limitless details.

Contact us if youre planning to update your Orlando kitchen cabinets sometime in the near future and well be happy to discuss many options.

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