Central - Island.jpg9 out of 10 people, when they first meet with their kitchen designer, tell them they would like to have an island in their kitchen. Its easy to believe because almost everyone loves the benefits from having an island in their kitchen. The question for many people is, do they have sufficient space for one?

The following are things to keep in mind when youre deciding whether you have space for this highly demanded kitchen feature:

  • Dont Assume Anything Dont jump to the conclusion that theres not enough room for an island. Let your designer run the numbers and determine if you have a real option for some type of island. Many people are surprised to find that they actually can fit an island in their kitchen.
  • Clearance Zone is Key The key to island options is that you have enough clearance space between the island and the cabinets across from them for your walkway. Even if you think theres not enough space, still allow your designer to inspect measurements and see if there are some smaller selections that will still work.
  • Custom Island Solutions Dont underestimate what can be done to alter and customize an island to fit your kitchen. Islands can be made up of the classic base cabinets, or even wall cabinets and other alternatives to make them slimmer.
  • Consider Alternative Options A peninsula may be a possibility for you if theres not enough room for a free standing island. You can also rearrange your layout for possible additional options. Rolling small islands can be something to consider as well.

Read all about your island space options by reading the full article here.

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