When planning your drawer space, you can use regular drawer base cabinets, or you can have rollout shelves installed inside of cabinets. Which one is better depends on your storage needs.

The following points will help you decide where to put each to make the best storage decisions for your kitchen.

Rollout Shelves

Central rollout shelves.jpgRollout shelves hide inside of cabinet doors. So it looks like a regular cabinet but when you open the doors you have shelves that act more like drawers. The following are the pros and cons of rollouts.

  • They give more space in between them (height)
  • They can be adjustable height
  • Great for storing larger items like cookware, pots and pans or even appliances
  • If you have a regular cabinet, you can install rollouts at a later time (or remove them)
  • More efficient storage in cabinets than without them
  • They are more shallow and open than standard drawers so things could fall off

central drawers.jpgKitchen Drawers

Kitchen drawers serve a very obvious purpose. You see them in every kitchen. They are where you store utensils, silverware and so many other things. The following are what they are best and worst at.

  • They come in many sizes from skinny to wide
  • They can be shallow or deep drawers
  • Deep drawers work well for storing dishes and small appliances and such
  • Can put organizing inserts for things like silverware and spices
  • Items are stored securely in the drawer and dont fall out
  • Difficult to change once installed

We recommend a combination of both types of storage depending on what you want to store and where. You may also consider aesthetics and how you want your kitchen to look with doors and drawers.

Our experts at Central Cabinetry can help you determine exactly what will be best for your new kitchen. If youre ready to discuss plans to give you your dream kitchens contact us here.

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