Central Shaker Doors.pngShaker style kitchen cabinet doors are becoming one of the most popular door styles of choice. They are versatile and will work with any kitchen style. They are both simple and practical for several reasons.

Easy To Maintain

Shaker doors are low maintenance and easy to clean. They dont have ridges that can easily trap dust and grease. They are a quick wipe-down. This type of door style is ideal for growing families.

Cost Effective

The more detail the door style has the more expensive they are. It will usually fit within most budgets. Since they dont really go out of style your kitchen wont either. No need to remodel again anytime unless 20 or 30 years down the road you are ready for something new.

Look Great in Any Color or Stain

Shaker style doors look great in any color or stain. So whether you are looking for a particular color in any room of the house you cant go wrong choosing this style. Shaker doors are versatile and really show off the beauty of the cabinet. The different stains will emphasize the natural and beautiful wood grain patterns.

Appeal to Almost All Homeowners

Whether you are looking for a traditional kitchen style or want something more modern and contemporary, shaker doors fit almost any kitchen style and appeal to almost all homeowners. They have simple lines with a clean and fresh look. You can use more ornate knobs and pulls or the popular pull bars.

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