Central_Kitchen_Value.jpgThere are lots of reasons homeowners want to remodel their kitchen. For some it is because they are planning on selling their home and for others maybe they finally have enough money and want more functional kitchen. If you are wanting to remodel your kitchen a few of the biggest questions you may have right now is How much will it increase the value of my home? or Will I get a return on my investment?.

A recent Harvard study by the Joint Center for Housing Studies found that individuals buying a home look first at kitchens and baths. It is no secret that remodeling your kitchen is one of the more expensive home renovation projects, but according to an HGTV article 10 Tips to Increase Your Homes Value a kitchen remodel will give you the biggest return on your investment. It is important to note that making sure you do a quality kitchen remodel with the right upgrades will help ensure you get the biggest return on your investment. We thought we would share some important tips to help you get the biggest return on your investment and increase the value of your kitchen.

Tips for Adding Value to Your Kitchen

  • Choose a quality cabinet company Cabinets are the first thing people see in your kitchen. They determine the overall style and are where most things are stored. It is important to choose a quality cabinet company like Central Cabinetry who stand behind their product and have been around for several years.
  • Use a kitchen designer – When buying Central Florida kitchen cabinets from Central Cabinetry you are automatically given a kitchen designer who will guide you through the whole process. They know and understand the importance of layout, style, and function. They will prevent those common kitchen remodeling mistakes and save you time and money.
  • Choose durable countertops – We recommend choosing a granite or quartz countertop that is durable and stain resistant. They add value to your kitchen and will last for years.
  • Paint your walls Dont underestimate how much a little paint can go. You can have a gorgeous kitchen, but if your walls are not freshly painted they can become a distraction and take away from the kitchen.
  • Match your appliances If new appliances are not in the budget we recommend appliance panels that will tie them into the rest of the woodwork of your kitchen. It is much better to have appliances that match.
  • Have adequate lighting – Most homeowners want bright and open spaces. Take advantage of our Quattro zoned lightingand create show off those new kitchen cabinets.
  • Choose durable flooring – Choose a comfortable kitchen flooring that is durable and compliment your new cabinets.

Central Cabinetry can help you find the right kitchen layout and design for your Central Florida home. They will work within your budget and design a kitchen that will increase the value of your home. They can help you decide what upgrades are most important and will increase the value of your kitchen the most. If you are ready to purchase Orlando kitchen cabinets and would like to schedule a free consultation with one of or kitchen designers you can contact us here.

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