central_new_construction.jpgWhen getting a new Florida kitchen people dont always realize that there is a slightly different process when building with new construction vs. remodeling your current kitchen. While the cabinets and materials you use are the same there is are some differences in how things are done and your ability to choose. It helps to know what to expect so you dont become frustrated with the process and you have a better understanding of what is supposed to happen.

Taking the time to learn the key differences and what you should know before starting the process will help you to feel more comfortable with the process and will help you to have a successful kitchen remodel.

Choosing Your Cabinet Manufacturer and Dealer

New Construction

Most builders usually have working relationship with one or two cabinet companies that supply the cabinets for their homes or communities. Your builder may limit who you purchase your cabinets from. If your are using a true Custom Builder then you may have more flexibility to choose and buy from who you want. You may wonder why this is, but builders want to work with someone they know can meet their deadlines and they can trust wont hold up the project.


When remodeling a kitchen in your home it is Your Choice who you want to work with. You can research and find a cabinet company that you are comfortable with. The company you choose can help oversee then entire process of your kitchen remodel. If you have chosen to hire a contractorthey may already have a working relationship with some cabinet companies and might even be able to save you some money.

Choosing Your Kitchen Layout, Design and Options

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Your choice of layout, appliances, and cabinets will depend on they type of builder you choose for your home. Typically in most homes your layout is predetermined by your house plan. Your house plan will dictate what your kitchen is shaped like, where the appliances will go and the shape of the countertops. Usually the builder will offer you a standard kitchen package and then will charge for upgrades. You can expect to choose whether you want electric or gas appliances, color and finish of cabinets, countertop material, flooring, backsplash, and kitchen hardware. Even within these choices they will limit to what you can choose from unless you are using a custom builder. A custom builder will typically draw house plans to fit the kitchen layout you want. These are all things you will want to find out before signing the contract to build a home with someone.

Some homeowners have been known to put in the cheapest kitchen possible with no upgrades and then go in after they have purchased the home and put in the kitchen they want with the cabinet company they want to work with.


You get to decide and choose everything! This is a great time to change what is not working. You have the flexibility to change the layout and even move appliances. However, when you start moving plumbing and electrical it can drive the price up. If you are already planning on knocking out walls we recommend you use a contractor. Be sure and set a budget before taking on your kitchen remodel so when you meet with your kitchen designer they can help set realistic expectations. Your designer can look at your current kitchen and give you suggestions on what to change and how to improve the overall function.

Home Disruption

New Construction

There is really no disruption as everything is done before you move in. However if you make changes in the middle of the project it can delay your home being completed on time.


You may be wondering how much time your remodel will take? Every project is different so you will need to get that estimate from your contractor or cabinet company. It can take from days to weeks to complete a kitchen remodel depending on the scope of the project. You will need to plan ahead and have a place to store everything. Usually it is your responsibility to take everything out of the cabinets. You will also want to figure out how you will feed your family and function without access to the kitchen. You may need to temporarily move the fridge to another room. The kitchen needs to be free and clear of junk and clutter.

Home Value Increase

New Construction

When building a new home your choices around kitchen design and options can have a later effect on what your home is valued in an appraisal. An increase in value may not be emphasized as much because your house is probably one of many new houses in your neighborhood, and the kitchens are all not that different from each other. Your upgrades are usually figured into the current price of your home so it will take a few years to see the increase in your home value. Things such as adding quartz countertops will make your home worth more than the neighbors without. Again, custom homes can be more different here as well.


Remodeling your Florida kitchen will have one of the biggest ROI (Return on Investment) for your home. Homebuyers usually look at the kitchen and bathrooms first. A kitchen remodel will not only increase the value of your home but also help for resale.

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling an existing kitchen Central Cabinetry will work with your builder or remodeling contractor to help you get your dream kitchen. We will make the process enjoyable and our designers will guide you in all your kitchen design decisions.

If you are ready to purchase Orlando kitchen cabinets for your upcoming Florida kitchen remodel and would like to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our kitchen design experts you can contact us here.

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