Central-_Kitchen_Design_Trends_2015.jpgYour kitchen may be one of those where theres a wall thats too far away to be part of your kitchen work zones, but close enough you need to do something with it. Theres always something that can be done that youll love. Here are some ideas to help you.

A Hutch

A hutch can go just about anywhere, and you can even put a sink in it, a coffee maker, a beverage station and a lot of other things.

Wine Refrigerator

Wine bars are a great standalone idea for a separate wall. If you have room, make it your side-by-side wine refrigerators with glass storage above and a countertop.

Built-In Espresso Bar

Instead of a coffee maker on a countertop, put some cabinets on the wall and build in a nice expresso machine. It will look like your own little Starbucks next to your kitchen.

China Cabinet

A very popular use of a secondary wall is to display things in a china cabinet. Glass doors and floor-to-ceiling cabinets can make the extra wall look like that most important one in the house.

Total Beverage Center

Put in a bar fridge, ice maker, wine rack and cabinets to store glasses and everything-beverage, and you have your own beverage station.

Extra Pantry Storage

If you need it, put in some 24 deep pantry cabinets to store more stuff. They look very nice and its a great place to put so many things that dont need to be right in the kitchen always.

So, before you decide what to do with that extra wall in your kitchen, consider what might be a better option to make your kitchen perfect. See more options in this article.

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