Central Heart of HomeWe often hear the phrase The kitchen is the heart of the home, but what does it really mean? It means that it is where a majority of the activity funnels through. If your kitchen is not functioning, or has those unwanted traffic jams it impacts the whole household. Most realtors will agree that it is the most important room in the home.

Kitchens today are used for more than just cooking. They are a place where friends and family congregate and some of the most important conversations take place. The overall organization and function sets the mood for the home. It can either be one of chaos or more of a calm and fluid feel.

In order to make your kitchen the heart of the home you need to include a few key elements in your kitchen design.

Key Elements

  • The Correct Layout Depending on your home it is important to realize that not every layout will work for every home. The layout you choose will impact how you cook, how you socialize, and where you will eat. Consider the number of work zones you will need.
  • The Right Style – The style of cabinets you choose will be a reflection of who you are. You want both you and your guests to feel comfortable in your kitchen. The style of cabinets and colors of finishes you choose will impact the overall vibe or feeling you get in your kitchen
  • Storage Solutions – Clutter cannot only ruin the mood but be a big distraction in the kitchen. You will want to utilize various storage options to keep you and your household functioning.
  • Technology – Whether it is getting access to your favorite recipes, keeping an inventory of your pantry, or being able to complete homework, technology is a necessity in the kitchen. Consider a docking station for charging all those smart phones and portable electronics that we depend on so much today.
  • Accessibility In todays kitchens it is all about having what you want and being able to get it. Whether you have small children or teenagers you may consider putting in a refrigerator draw for those snacks so they can help themselves. There is nothing worse than finding out they have helped themselves to tomorrows lunch.
  • Designated Seating Area – You want to create an area that is comfortable and a place for people to easily congregate. It can be a small couch, a seating nook, or barstools around and extended counter. There are many different ways to include seating in your kitchen.

When remodeling your Orlando area kitchen it is the perfect time to make the changes needed for your kitchen in order to make it the heart of your home. When sitting down with your kitchen designer be sure and let them know what activities occur in your kitchen and the amount of entertaining you do. Even the size of your household will impact the layout and design.

Here at Central Cabinetry we value the relationships between friends and families. We want your kitchen to be a part of fostering those relationships. We can help you alleviate some of the stress in your life by helping you design a kitchen that is both efficient and functional. If you would like to be contacted by one of our kitchen design experts about designing and making your kitchen the heart of the home you can click here.

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