Future Kitchen.pngA group of students from 2 universities have put together what they project to be the attributes of the kitchen of the future. Projected for 2025, the characteristics below describe what the study projects our kitchens will be like.

Ikea took these ideas and created a concept kitchen for World Expo in Milan, Italy displaying how this kitchen would work.

Future Kitchen Concepts

Warm Technology The idea that we wont want robot-looking kitchens. Well still want that warm feel for family and friends to gather and entertain. For this reason, the increased technology will be more disguised to not look too mechanical.

More Efficient Refrigeration, Storage & Use Food and other things will be more visible in storage, including refrigerated items since we will have transparent individual containers where we can store food in a temperature controlled container. Containers can then be put on a shelf instead of in a refrigerator. This way we will better see what we have and waste less.

The temperature of the food can be set automatically because the shelves are induction equipped and can read RFID stickers on food to know how to keep it cool.

Intelligent Tables Tables and other surfaces will be equipped with food recognition, weight recognition and other technology to assist you in food preparation. Like a chef with lots of ideas, it will suggest recipes with the food you place on the table. The table will even heat and cook food by induction when placing pans on the table. Even many at the same time.

Sink /Water Utilization Sinks will give us the ability to separate water based on whether its toxic (meant for sewer) or gray which is safe for re-use in washing dishes or watering plants.

Food / Garbage Disposal For the environment, you will be assisted with food and garbage disposal by intelligent disposals. You will be able to sort waste into things destined for landfills vs. things that will be recycled.

To see the full study results and the concept kitchen click here.

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