central_space_planning_universal_design_1.jpgWe hear a lot about universal design and every new kitchen should have it. Do we really know what it means and why it is important? Universal design means universal use of your kitchen. Meaning that anyone from grandparents, those with disabilities, young children, tall people and short people can move around and be able to use the kitchen. If you truly have a well-designed kitchen it will not only be able to accommodate everyone, but most people wont notice anything different.

When space planning your Orlando area kitchen remodel, universal design should be at the forefront of your kitchen design. Including it in your kitchen design will make your kitchen safer and user-friendly for all. A recent Houzz article spotlighted optimal space planning for universal design. Here are a few kitchen design tips to help you include universal design in your kitchen design.


Doors and doorways going into and out of the kitchen should be at least 36 inches wide. This will allow for a walker or wheelchair to easily go through. If your kitchen is closed to the rest of the house consider taking the door off altogether so people dont have to wrestle with the doorknob. Ideally having an open kitchen adjacent to another room such as a living room will eliminate those obstacles.

Countertop Height

It is often recommended that your kitchen have more than one countertop height. It will allow individuals to stand or sit while they work at the kitchen countertop. The ideal seating height is 30 so chairs or wheelchairs can slide under them.

Distance Between Countertops/Cabinets

48 is the ideal distance with a minimum of 42 between countertops and cabinets opposite of each other. This will allow individuals to move and give enough space for them to open cabinet doors.

Toe Space

Raise your toe kick or add furniture style feet that will raise the cabinets off the floor. This will give better clearance and make it easier to get closer to the cabinet.

Work Zones

According to the Houzz Trends Study easy access to storage was the number one priority in kitchen design. Have storage and easy access to appliances that are commonly used in different work zones. It is recommended that at least one work zone is 30 high. Consider including some open shelving.

Our professional kitchen designers at Central Cabinetry understand and know the importance of including universal design in your Orlando kitchen remodel. They know how to space plan without sacrificing style and design. They can help you plan for your current individual needs and those you may encounter in the future. If you would like to schedule a free consultation and discuss how you can include universal design in your kitchen remodel before purchasing Central Florida kitchen cabinets you can contact us here.

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