Mirror in Kitchen.pngIf there is one thing that can make a huge difference in the feel of a space, its a mirror. Mirrors in your kitchen can reflect light and space in a way that can sometimes make it feel like your room is twice as large as it is. Not to mention how the light in the room is amplified with mirrors.

The following are a few ways to effectively use mirrors and the result you could see from them.

Behind the Stove

A very effective place for a mirror is behind the stove in lieu of a backsplash. Its easy to clean, and it gives an open feeling thats hard to match with anything else.

In addition, you can get a great open effect if your mirror reflects your outside yard. It gives the appearance of a window instead of a mirror.

The other cool thing is its like having eyes in the back of your head while you cook. You can see exactly what the kids are doing!

Behind the Sink

If your sink has a wall behind it instead of a window, you can gain the same benefits stated above by having a mirror behind the sink.

Glass Style

If you would like a little texture on the wall along with the reflective surface of glass, you can do mirrored tiles with various looks, like the appearance of brick. There are many options to shake it up a bit.

Caveats: A couple things to consider are that mirrored backsplashes must be made from tempered glass, and may cost more than traditional backsplashes.

To see many other options for mirrors on walls and other structures, see this article.

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