Central_Kitchen_designerMany homeowners will wonder do you really need a kitchen designer? We are not talking about a person who works in a big box store that may help you order your cabinets. We are talking about an individual who understands the importance of not just filling the space with cabinet. You want someone who cannot only fill the space with cabinets but someone who understands the importance of both style and function.

At Central Cabinetry our designers are trained and know how to work with any budget to get you the most for your money. They can help you determine what upgrades are worth doing and those that are not necessary.

Most cabinet companies offer a free initial consultation. They can help you avoid those costly remodeling mistakes and save you time and money in the long run. There are a host of benefits when you opt to work with a company that uses a kitchen designer rather than just a cabinet salesman so you dont regret your Orlando kitchen remodel later.

Benefits of Utilizing a Kitchen Designer

  • Have been trained and understand all aspects of kitchen design
  • Will visit your home to get accurate measurements for the space
  • Up to date on current kitchen trends and know the difference between a fad and a trend
  • Help you find and determine your kitchen style.
  • Help you decide the right kitchen layout for the space you have,
  • Will work with contractors, remodeling professionals, and interior designers
  • Have more options to choose from since they use multiple sources for cabinets
  • Usually get a higher quality cabinet
  • Understand function and work zones
  • Adept at maximizing and utilizing space
  • Will help you avoid costly mistakes
  • They will follow the project through from the beginning to end
  • Will handle any warranty issues
  • Have connections with other reputable renovation experts and products
  • Customer satisfaction is higher
  • Work with realtors and know those items that are worth including and will give you the biggest return on your investment

You might have thought that when you go with a cabinet company who employs kitchen designers it would cost you more. It is usually just the opposite. No matter what your budget is you can benefit from the skills and expertise of our designers at Central Cabinetry. Each of our employees goes through extensive professional training. They truly know how to make your kitchen the heart of the home. If you are considering an Orlando kitchen remodel and would like to schedule your free initial consultation with one of our experienced kitchen designers you can contact us here.

Click below to download a free kitchen design layout guide.

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