Central Two Toned 2If youre not a kitchen designer yourself, but want to have a stylish kitchen, what things would a true designer tell you to do? Well, one thing that is popular with many designers is having a two-toned kitchen, where the cabinets are two different colors. Its something in design that can make a truly powerful impression on those walking into your home.

There are multiple ways in which Designers are mixing and matching cabinets. By using two different types of finishes and/or paint colors you can add character to the kitchen. Many people are asking is this trend one that will stay or one that will pass quickly. Here at Central Cabinetry we feel this is a not just a fad, but a trend that isnt going away anytime soon.

There are a many ways to make more than one cabinet finish work in the same area.

  • Draw upon the wall color in the cabinets– Use a darker hueCentral Two Toned Kemper 2 of the wall color for an island giving a nice contrast that blends in with room.
  • Make the island a color that will be a focal pointTypically it is better to use a darker or brighter color with more subdued cabinets in the background. Then tie that color in by including it in wall color or backsplash color.
  • Use a different color for wall vs. base cabinets This can draw the eye down and give the upper cabinets in your kitchen a more light and airy feel.
  • Choose two different hues of the same color– Doing this will give you a subtle look but wont be as overpowering and give a more calming affect.
  • Mix and Match Use a different look of cabinetCentral Two Toned Kemper to really stand out. This calls for the best of designers to help do it right, but you can really create an interesting look that friends will talk about.

There are many other options to consider when making this kind of decision that our designers at Central Cabinetry are experts at. When it comes to two-toned kitchens the sky is the limit. With ourcomputer aided design software we can help you see your kitchen before you decide.

Here atCentral Cabinetry we will ensure you will be happy with your kitchen for years to come. We understand that fads come and go and have a pretty good idea of what is worth considering in your kitchen remodel. If you would like to consult with one of our kitchen design experts about possibly using a two-toned kitchen for your Orlando kitchen remodel you can contact ushere.

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