central_laundry_room_2016.jpgLaundry rooms arent what they used to be. You might be surprised at how the laundry room has evolved in the past five years. Laundry rooms today look more like kitchens and are used for so much more than just washing clothes. Laundry rooms are all about maximizing space and improving how you function in your home. So get the washer and dryer out of the closet and find out what trends this year will be worth considering for your laundry room remodel in 2016.

Laundry Room Trends for 2016

  1. Placement – Many washers and dryers are coming out of the closets and being combined with mudrooms or nooks off the kitchen. With beautiful cabinets and a new look your washer and dryer no longer need to be hidden or tucked away.
  2. Sinks – Gone are the days of the ugly utility sink. Many homeowners are taking advantage of large style kitchen sinks such as the farmhouse sink. They are big, deep, convenient, and add character and style to your laundry room remodel.
  3. Countertops With more homeowners using front loading side by side washers and dryers homeowners are utilizing the space above and raising the countertop to go over the washer and dryer. It gives them extra space to fold clothes and store commonly used items within reach.
  4. Universal Design If you thought universal design was just for the kitchen it is big in the laundry room as well. Open shelving with baskets and places to store items is big. Homeowners are using a combination of shelving and cabinetry.
  5. Hanging Rods – Get rid of the bulky drying rack and have a place to hang clothes to dry or newly ironed clothes.
  6. Workspace – People are tired of having the desk in the kitchen. You can work on your computer and pay bills while you are doing the laundry. It is also a great place to store papers and other items that can quickly clutter your home.

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