central_open_storage_2.jpgIf you look in any kitchen remodel magazine or on the Internet you will notice that kitchens today have a lot more open storage. It is one of the hottest trends and seems to be catching on. It is not just trendy, but also very practical. It compliments universal design that seems to be what most homeowners want to include in their new kitchen. It gives them access to the things they use the most.

Probably one of the biggest drawbacks of open storage and shelving is it can quickly become cluttered and detract from your beautiful new kitchen. Recently HGTV shared some tips on making your open storage work in the kitchen. You can have that stylish look and also improve the overall function of the kitchen.

6 Kitchen Design Tips for Open Storage

  1. Store those items you use the most often within reach so they can be easily accessed.
  2. Dont overload the shelves or cabinets. Store what you would use and the rest of the items elsewhere such as a pantry.
  3. Personalize your shelves by adding some personal effects such as artwork or decorative dishes.
  4. Consider using some wooden shelves to add some rustic touches.
  5. Include other innovative storage options to help prevent clutter.
  6. Choose a backsplash that wont compete with items you store.

You can incorporate open shelving and storage in a variety of ways in your kitchen design. While some homeowners prefer a few open shelves, others are opting to have all open shelving on upper cabinets. In most kitchens it works well to have a combination of both. If you are planning on starting your Central Florida kitchen remodel soon and would like to talk to one of our kitchen design experts about customizing your new kitchen you can contact us here.

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