Measure Kitchen.pngThe Value of a Home Visit from Your Kitchen Designer is NOT What You Think

Its an often misunderstood concept. A designer coming to your home to take measurements of your existing kitchen, so he or she can design your new kitchen. People think that the reason and the benefit of this visit is for the measurements themselves. Well, think again.

The real value of what happens when the homeowner and designer meet in the home is what the designer learns in the process, before they even take the measurements.

What a Designer Learns in the Home Visit

When a designer enters a home, they step into the full environment to see everything thats happening and to find one single key. WHY the homeowner wants to remodel their kitchen.

With each question the designer asks, they can observe the homeowner in their home as they answer, and by seeing the homeowner in the environment, they learn the deep-rooted reasons why the homeowner needs a new kitchen. This visit is what reveals the gems that the designer can use the make the homeowner completely happy with the new design, rather than just discussing some options that the homeowner is able to verbalize from what theyve seen in magazines or other places.

The designer will learn so much more about the needs of the homeowner in this visit than anything the homeowner can describe in words. They can see first-hand the troubles the current kitchen causes, the barriers to efficiency, the wishes of the homeowner for a kitchen that would make them happy, and so much more. Its what gives the designer the vision of the right answer to solve all the problems for the homeowner.

Studies show that over 30% of homeowner wish they wouldve done more after they finish their remodel. This kind of regret is caused by not having the right conversation IN the home with the designer.

Make sure you ask any cabinet company who will be the one to measure your kitchen. If its anyone but the designer, find a new company, because you may miss out on the key design decisions that would have made all the difference in the final result.

At Central Cabinetry our designers visit your home to understand perfectly how you can be completely happy in your new kitchen. If youre ready to setup a visit, contact us here.

Along with this knowledge, download our FREE In-Home Measure Guide for the “measuring” portion:

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