Central - Why Article Pic.pngNext time you go to the doctor, what would they think if you not only told them what your symptoms were, but told them what you want your prescription to be? Well, they would probably say hold on a minute, lets take a look at you and figure out whats wrong before we prescribe any medicine.

When remodeling your kitchen, you should take the same approach. Your focus should be on describing the symptoms of the problem or disease, and what needs to be corrected. Then the professionals can help you determine what the best prescription or solution is.

Whats the best way to ensure you end up with the best kitchen remodel in Orlando?

The One Word to Get the Kitchen of your Dreams WhyWhy.png

Just like at the doctors office when you describe the problems youre having, when communicating to your designer about your future kitchen you should be explaining the Why questions. Why are you wanting to change it. Why dont you like the way it is. Why does your family need more space, and so on.

Once your designer knows the answer to all the why questions, he or she will be well-armed to design the perfect solution that will make you the happiest. Just like doctors, designers are trained to solve these problems in the best way possible. Ways you may not have seen in magazines or other homes.

If consumers go in to their designers with this in mind, the end result will be much better and it will be done with less mistakes and less time. When doing a new kitchen, you only get one try, so this concept is very important.

Example: Trash Bin in the Island Cabinet

What if a homeowner says to their kitchen designer, I really need a trash bin in my island cabinet? The designer may say, Ok, no problem and include a trash bin cabinet in the design.

If instead, the homeowner explains WHY they need a solution around trash, the designer may have a MUCH better solution for the problem. What if the homeowner says I have five kids and we have a major trash problem. I need a way to solve the mounds of garbage that consume my kitchen.

With this information, the designer can prescribe the best possible answer to the problem, because he or she knows the problem. The best answer may not be a trash bin in the island. It might be something totally different.

So keep the why questions in mind to get the kitchen of their dreams. When you meet with your kitchen designer, dont tell them WHAT you need, but WHY you need it. That way your prescription will be much better and youll end up much happier with the result.

At Central Cabinetry, we are experts at translating your needs into the best prescription to make you completely happy in your new kitchen.

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