Kitchen island floridaAre you in the mood to take a trip to an island? Why not head over to the one in your kitchen – and if you don’t have one there, well, what are you waiting for?

If it’s a space issue that is preventing you from installing an island in your kitchen, you have a viable excuse, but for the rest of you – you’re missing out on many benefits.

More than just storage

Incorporating an island in your kitchen remodel can be the solution you’re looking for to your storage and counterspace shortage; but thats not all. They can provide a hub for more electrical outlets, an area for loved ones to work or do homework, a customized space for wine or books, and even a place for your sink, stove or other appliances.

In addition to getting your room in order, a kitchen island can be an extension to your style. You’re not obligated to use the exact same cabinets, glazes, countertops or hardware on your island, so feel free to choose options that compliment your existing kitchen style but aren’t necessarily matchy-matchy.

To find out more about what a kitchen island can do to spruce up your kitchen, check out this article: Kitchen Island Make-over.

If you’re in the Orlando area and would like us to help you decide if an island is a beneficial solution for you, contact us.

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