KB Brain of Home Fridge.pngFor years the kitchen has been referred to as the heart of the home. It has always been a place for gathering and for family. It is where most interaction and communication takes place.

Recently, the kitchen has been making a new name for itself. Along with being the heart of the home, the kitchen is transforming into the brain of the home as well. The internet and technology have changed much in recent years and they now influence the kitchen as well. Pretty soon, the kitchen will become the hub of the home. New inventions are innovating many aspects of home life, and that is not limited to just cooking either.

While we may not yet have robots completing tasks for us like in The Jetsons, we have come a long way. A significant variety of aspects of our lives are being constantly changed. Some of the most exciting tools and innovations that have recently been released or are coming soon are listed below:

Voice Activation Technology

Echo.pngThe Amazon Echo, commonly known as Alexa, has made waves in the world of technology. With persistent advertising and consistent customer satisfaction, it is one of the top products on the market. It can control many aspects of your home such as lighting, ceiling fans, thermostat settings, news and even sprinkler and security systems. In addition, it can create grocery lists and to do lists, which enables you to know what you need wherever you go. Not ending there, the Echo is constantly improved with new updates and features added. Right now it is one of the must have products for homeowners.

Similar to the Amazon Echo is Google Home. It has relatively the same features. Even if you decide you dont need one of these devices, many appliances are gaining wonderful new capabilities such as voice control features that can help contribute to an innovative and better overall life in the kitchen.

Interactive Surfaces

An up and coming feature in the kitchen is interactive and touch screen surfaces. Soon countertops, stoves, refrigerators and more will have touch screen and interactive capabilities. This allows quick and simple access to recipes, lists, videos and other media tools that can be resourceful in the kitchen. It is a huge step in the direction of a more efficient and free flowing kitchen.

Barcode Benefits

QR codes, or barcodes, are on almost any product package. These codes can be scanned and used to pull up cooking directions, recipes and other significant information on food and kitchen appliances. Scanning items can even automatically turn on the appropriate settings and temperature in your appliances, like your oven. No more trying to read directions off the back of a box or bag.


Your phone can now be used as a communication device between you and your kitchen appliances. There are so many applications that can be used purely for user benefit and most of them are completely free. Homeowners can receive notifications such as expired oven timers, open refrigerators and so much more. Never worry about forgetting anything in the kitchen again.

Smart Appliances and Devices

Todays market has a plentiful variety of smart devices.

  • There are crock pots that you can control or check the status with your phone.
  • New containers can keep track of what you have left in them, and notify you to buy more when you get low.
  • You can buy scales that tell you all about your nutrition from the food you’re using, give you relevant recipes, and track your eating habits for you.
  • A kettle can warm water on demand from wherever you are by your phone, and notify you when the water is warm.
  • Your smart fork can keep track of your nutrition, eating speed, quantity of food consumed and more.
  • Your egg container can notify you that youre getting low on eggs.
  • The list goes on and continues to grow every day.

All these tools are typically associated with the kitchen and makes it the hub of all activity in the home. This is just the beginning, as so many new technologies are on the verge of being released and implemented into our homes.

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