central_comon_kitchen_layouts.jpgIf you want to become well versed in a new kitchen or kitchen remodel so you can make the best decisions for your project, start with learning about the most common layouts for kitchens.

The layout can make a huge difference in giving you the most efficient and flowing kitchen, as well as help you avoid many of the issues people are disappointed with once they get into their new kitchen.

Most common to kitchens are one of the five layouts described below. Educating yourself about each can help you determine the best starting point for your project and avoid common remodeling mistakes.

Popular Kitchen Layouts

Central_One_wall_kitchen.pngOne Wall Kitchen

For smaller homes there may not be many choices on where to put cabinets. The kitchen on one wall keeps everything close and makes for quick preparation for a small family. With this layout you may need to get creative on storage ideas and find the best way to gain as much counter space as possible. Hopefully youll find enough room for an island to help with eating space as well as storage.

central_galley_kitchen.jpgGalley Kitchen

Also known as a Corridor Kitchen, the Galley Kitchen is considered efficient since things are typically closer and can be more of a production line in food preparation. You may see many Galley Kitchens in restaurants around you for this purpose. Everything is next to you or behind you for quick access. This kitchen also works for smaller or more cramped spaces and can be a more affordable layout. A limitation may be lack of meeting and eating space. Make sure you have at least 8 feet from wall to wall to make a Galley Kitchen work for you.

Central_U_shaped_2.jpgU-Shaped Kitchen

Just like it sounds, this kitchen is shaped like a U. There is typically a lot of storage room in these kitchens, and usually ample room for an island in the middle. They are the large family kitchen, or the kitchen of choice for entertainers and party people.

central_g_shaped_kitchen.jpgG-Shaped Kitchen

The G shape is an extension of the U-Shaped Kitchen. Its where a peninsula is added for counter space, or possibly for more seating. It may make the kitchen less large feeling but that sacrifice is worth it to some.

Central_L_shaped_kitchen.pngL-Shaped Kitchen

The very common L-Shaped Kitchen is open and allows for the feeling of being connected to adjoining rooms very effectively. Its open for entertaining and can allow for many people to be working or talking at once. Islands are also common in L-Shaped Kitchens for another place to park and work.

While theres no perfect answer for every house, there is a perfect solution for your projects once you know what will best meet your needs. Let our experts at Central Cabinetry help you determine what all the right ingredients are for your perfect kitchen project. If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our kitchen design experts about your Orlando kitchen remodel click below.

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