Wallpaper removalWhat is it about ugly wallpaper that makes previous homeowners so drawn to it? Wallpaper doesnt have to be ugly in fact, it can be stylish and charming; yet all too often new homeowners run across terrifying wallpaper prints plastered all over the walls. Lucky for us all, wallpaper isnt permanent.

If youve been staring at ugly wallpaper prints for too long, whether its a poor choice you made or one of a previous homeowner, its time to start anew.

DIY project

Wallpaper removal isnt necessarily a fun task, but it is one were confident you can tackle on your own. It requires a free weekend, a few tools and some patience. There are a few different methods out there, but no matter which you choose, make sure you take your time and do your best not to damage the walls or injure yourself.

Here is a great article to get you started – How to Remove Wallpaper: Patience is a Virtue.

After you remove the eyesore, you can get on with the rest of your Orlando kitchen or bathroom remodel plans. The sooner the better!

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