describe the imageFor most, bathrooms arent what they used to be. What used to be cold, plain and just a place to shower and get ready now is becoming a retreat and a place to pamper yourself and feel unique. Like kitchens, bathrooms represent the personality and style of the homeowner and can be a place of refuge.

Lots of new textures and styles are being brought into the bathroom. Below are some of the ways you can spice up your bathroom and make it a more personal space with depth and textures.

Ways to Add Texture

    • Natural Stone
    • Patterned tile
    • Wood paneling
  • Furniture style embellishments
  • Plants
  • Accessories
  • Fixtures/Hardware

For more detail and to read the 11 ways to add texture and depth to your bathroom click here.

Our designers at Central Cabinetry have seen all kinds of things that will make all the difference in your bathroom. They can help you maximize the space you have and create space that is warm and inviting.

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