Central_Small_kitchen_surprising.jpgWhether you are downsizing to a more manageable house or purchasing your first home your kitchen may not be the size you had hoped for. Its easy to assume that with a smaller kitchen that means you are going to have to go without or give up some of the things you want. While there may be some truth to that, you may be surprised at what you can fit into your small kitchen. You may not have room for that oversized island or that gourmet gas stove, but with an experienced designer you can fit a lot more into a small kitchen than you realize.

At Central Cabinetry we can help make your small kitchen the heart of your home. Our skilled designers will help you maximize your space with creative storage options and other design tricks. If you are determined to have an eat-in nook or a small office space for storing and paying bills we can help you achieve that. To learn more about the different things you can fit into a small kitchen click here.

There are also other design tips that will help your kitchen appear larger than it really is such as using lighter colored cabinets. Dont be afraid to give up cabinet space in exchange for a window. Having that natural light will only enhance the look of the kitchen and give it a larger feel.

If you are in the process of purchasing a new home with a smaller kitchen or are considering and Orlando kitchen remodel and would like to have a conversation with one of our skilled kitchen designers, you can contact us here. We will help you design and get a kitchen you can enjoy for years.

Click below to download a free kitchen style guide.

Kitchen Style Guide