central_spice_kitchenIf you have been watching any of those home-remodeling shows on cable you have probably heard of a spice kitchen. It is one of the hottest new kitchen trends in the industry. If you havent heard of a spice kitchen your interest may be a little piqued and you are probably wondering what is a spice kitchen?

A spice kitchen is a second kitchen in your home that is typically adjacent to your current kitchen. It is a lot smaller than your main kitchen and is confined to a room that is not open to the rest of the home. This is a place homeowners cook those stronger smelling foods such as fish. You dont have to worry about those smells lingering and be absorbed by things in your home such as furniture and draperies. These are perfect for the homeowner who loves to entertain and cook.

There are certain features that a homeowner should include that will make their spice kitchen more functional and the most beneficial. The items you use in a spice kitchen are typically stored and cooked there.

Important Features of a Spice Kitchen

  • High volume exhaust fan
  • Refrigerator
  • Sink
  • Spices separate from main kitchen
  • Adequate countertop space for food preparation
  • Some cabinetry
  • Stove/oven
  • Separate knives and utensils for cooking

If you dont currently have a spice kitchen it is not hard to add one if you have a room next to your kitchen that is closed off. There may be some plumbing and electrical changes that need to be made, but it will be worth it.

Where it used to be homeowners options for a second kitchen was in the basement that is no longer the case. This works especially well for those who live in Florida. Most homes dont have basements. Besides, who wouldnt love a second kitchen in their home? Now is the perfect time to add a spice kitchen and get your kitchen ready for the holidays. While to some it may seem extravagant, to others it is a necessity.

To learn more about spice kitchens and how you might include one in your Florida home you can click here.

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