Central_kitchen_design_dilemmas_2.jpgThere are several reasons why a homeowner might want to remodel their Florida kitchen. Maybe they have purchased a new home and dont care for the style or look. Or maybe it needs some minor updates. Most often homeowners want to remodel their kitchen because it is not functioning and working for their lifestyle. It lacks storage and doesnt flow and function like it should. Whatever the reason it is important that before the homeowner sits down with their kitchen designer they identify those kitchen dilemmas and things that are not currently working for them in the kitchen.

Kitchen Dilemmas

Lacks Storage and Organization

central_pots_and_pan_storage.pngDont miss out on some valuable organization and storage options in the kitchen. Imagine yourself working in the kitchen and the types of items you need close by. Think about different activities that occur in the kitchen and identify what work zones you will need. Answer the following questions to get yourself thinking and to help you identify what you might need

  • Where will you store your pots and pans?
  • What would make the most sense to store in a corner cabinet?
  • Do you want your small appliances located in one location of the kitchen?
  • Do you have room for a pantry cabinet with pullout shelves or do you have a walk in pantry?
  • Do you have any large or bulky items that will require a special cabinet?
  • How many people need to work in the kitchen and how will they?

Lacks Flair or Style

central_embellishments.pngThere is nothing worse than getting to the end of a much anticipated kitchen remodel and thinking ugh. Your kitchen seems to be lacking is style and is missing that Wow factor that you were looking for.

  • Add crown and furniture molding embellishments
  • Use more than one countertop material
  • Add a decorative backsplash
  • Create a focal point with a range hood
  • Use more than one cabinet finish for a two-tone kitchen look
  • Add a fun seating nook or bar area

Click here to see an interactive visual of a kitchen before and after it has added some flair and style.

Desire for an Island, but Limited Space

Dont assume because you dont have a large open kitchen you have to give up the island.


  • Include a narrower island that is less deep. Discuss with your designer why you want the island and they may be able to meet those needs with other features in your kitchen design.
  • If it is extra seating you want consider a bar top against a wall.
  • Consider adding a peninsula instead of an island and get the same benefit.

Dark and not well lit

central_lighting.pngToo many times lighting is an afterthought in the kitchen. There are so many different cabinet lighting options. If you are going to go to the effort of a remodel then make sure you have adequate lighting. It is recommended that you layer your lighting and have multiple lighting sources. There are some new lighting options for 2016 that will not only light up the kitchen, but also add flair.

Too crowded

Getting the right kitchen layout is key to accommodate the different individuals who will be working in the kitchen at the same time. The kitchen is the heart of the home where a majority of the activities in the house revolve around. Bring up trouble spots with your designer. Your designer understands and will utilize kitchen design rules to help you avoid those common kitchen traffic jams.

Central Cabinetry can help you identify and prevent those trouble areas in the kitchen so you dont regret your kitchen remodel later. Knowing what to look for beforehand will help you to have a successful kitchen remodel. Dont fall into the category of those homeowners who wish they had done more with their kitchen remodel.

If you are considering purchasing central Florida cabinets for your new kitchen or Orlando area kitchen remodel and would like to start the design process you can contact us here to schedule and appointment with one our kitchen remodeling experts.

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