Central_Cabinetry_pot_filler_2.jpgWhether you are building a new construction home or remodeling an existing kitchen there is an assortment of upgrades you have to choose from. Its the different kitchen upgrades you choose that help you customize your kitchen to fit the needs and lifestyle of your home. Those little upgrades take your kitchen to the next level and can turn it into something extraordinary.

As homeowners are looking for more convenience and ways to enhance their experience in the kitchen we are seeing more homeowners asking for a pot filler over the stove or range. If you are someone who loves to cook in the kitchen this is definitely an upgrade you will want to consider.

You may be wondering what is a pot filler? A pot filler is a special faucet that is placed over a stove or range that swings out from the wall with a long jointed arm. It is connected to a cold water supply line. There is some additional plumbing, but for many homeowners it is worth the added expense.


  • Makes it easy and more convenient to fill large pots with water for cooking
  • Helps save time
  • Prevents messes
  • Helps alleviate those backbreaking trips back and forth from the kitchen sink
  • Variety of styles and finishes to choose from
  • Meets the demands of universal design


  • Prone to collecting grease and need to be cleaned and maintained
  • Requires additional plumbing

If you are still a little unsure if a pot filler is right for your Central Florida kitchen, we would love to have a conversation with you. Our kitchen design experts at Central Cabinetry can help you decide if a pot filler is worth the added expense or if your money would be better spent on other upgrades in your kitchen. If you are ready to begin planning your Orlando area kitchen and would like to schedule an appointment for your initial free consultation you can contact us here.

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