Most homeowners know they can increase their kitchen storage by including a variety of unique storage interiors to their kitchen cabinets. However, they may not be aware of a new trend to double stack cabinets. With the right kitchen design double stacked cabinets will not only increase storage, but can add style to a basic kitchen. It can also allow you to create appealing displays.

Central double stack 2.png

Take some time to answer the following questions and find out if this kitchen design option is right for your Central Florida kitchen.

central double stack 1.pngAnswer These Questions

  • What items do you plan on storing in the cabinets?
  • Do you have a designated work zone or specific use for the double stacked cabinets such as a beverage station or appliance hutch?
  • If it is a high cabinet that goes to the ceiling how will you access the items, you store there?
  • Are you planning on addingglass doors and using cabinets on top for style and decoration?
  • Is the added cost worth the additional cabinets or should you consider some open shelving?
  • Do you have enough space for additional cabinets or will it make your kitchen feel more closed in?
  • What additional kitchen lighting will be needed?

For additional information on the benefits and cons of double stacked cabinets clickhere.

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