Its no secret that a kitchen remodel is not something that you do in a day. It can also be inconvenient for your day-to-day living. Unless you have a second kitchen in the homeyou may choose to move out or stay somewhere else while the remodel is going on. While it seems like an easy solution, it is also an expensive one and can add unnecessary cost to your remodel that could be spent on upgrades or other items you really want.

A recent 2019 Houzz Study addressed this very question. Should I stay or should I go? After consulting with homeowners who had recently remodeled, theyfound that most homeowners chose to stay in their home (66%). Those who stayed were less likely to experience extreme stress in comparison to those who chose to move out.

This important decision can completely depend on if you have a place to go. There may not be feasible options for you. For those who chose to move out, over half (55%) were able to live with family and friends.

Here are some things to consider when trying to decide whether to stay or go during the kitchen remodel.

Things to Consider During Kitchen Remodel

  • Where will you go if you do move out?
  • Will you be close and available to contractors?
  • Will you still feel close enough to your project, or feel disconnected?
  • Do you have small children that a move would cause added stress?
  • Is it a safety issue to stay in the home?
  • Do you have the funds and ability to move out?
  • Do you have a viable replacement plan for your inaccessible kitchen (how will you cook / feed your family)?
  • Does your contractor or remodeler recommend one way or the other? Why?

Regardless of what you decide there will be a few weeks where you may have to set up a temporary kitchen or modify your lifestyle. The small inconvenience will be worth the few headaches and hassles once you are finished and enjoying your beautiful new custom kitchen.

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