Quartz countertops orlandoFor years, everyone buying a home or remodeling a kitchen wanted granite, granite, granite; and although that hasn’t changed too much (granite is still very popular, and for good reason), there is another countertop material that has given granite a run for its money in recent years.

Quartz countertops are sure to please

Quartz countertops, which are made up of about 95% quartz mixed with resin, can be made in such a wide variety of colors and designs, and are often made to look like granite and marble countertops. While they commonly share a similar price point (which may be on the higher end of some kitchen budgets), these countertops are sure to please kitchen buyers with their many pros.

Positive features can be found here: Quartz for Your Countertops and include it’s non-porous, stain and scratch resistant qualities as well as it’s strength and ability to stand up to heat.

If you’re in Orlando or the surrounding area and are trying to choose the perfect countertop for your kitchen remodel, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to go through the positives and negatives of each kitchen countertop material. We’ll give it to you straight.

Kitchen Budget Busters