Central Junk DrawerIn almost every kitchen there seems to be one drawer or cabinet that seems to collect those odds and ends. Whether it is pencils, school supplies, or things that just dont quite seem to fit, finding a place for these things proves to be a challenge.

When remodeling your Orlando area kitchen it is the perfect time to get ahead and put an end to the junk drawer in the kitchen. There is a variety of popular organization and storage solutions that can be included in your remodel. Why not prevent the problem before it begins?

You might consider including a desk with organization slots for the mail or inserts that go inside the drawer to help you keep like items together. There really isnt a need to dig through the junk to find that tool or glue stick to complete the project you are working on. For more organization tips on how to get a handle on the junk drawer you can click here.

Here at Central Cabinetry our remodeling experts can help you plan an organized kitchen and get rid of the unwanted junk drawer. If you would like to be contacted by one of our kitchen design experts about remodeling your Orlando area kitchen you can click here.