Central-_color_trends_2016_merrilat.jpgIts a new year and with that comes changes in kitchen design and kitchen color trends. It is a time when some colors begin to phase out and when new exciting colors begin to make their entrance. While there will always be some colors that will remain a constant favorite and never seem to go out of style some will lose their appeal.

So finding out what colors are hot and those that are not is a big step in planning and designing your upcoming Orlando kitchen remodel. We hear over and over that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Its important to note that the colors you choose help make the kitchen the heart of the home. They impact the overall mood and feeling you get when you enter the room.

So what predicted color trends do you have to look forward to in 2016? You can look forward to vibrant colors such as pink and green that will add a splash of color and excitement to your kitchen backsplashes and walls. Those neutral colors that never seem to go out of style such as white remain a constant favorite for cabinet colors.

If you are more drawn towards a darker cabinet finish than you might want to consider Aztec clay or gold tones. Other popular colors that are setting kitchen design on fire are fire engine red and burnt orange countertops. More soothing colors that are subtler are apricot, yellow and gray greens. You can anticipate also seeing more natural browns coming back into the kitchen.

So there really are a variety of different color choices to fit anyones style and personality from the vibrant pink to the subtle browns. If you would like to read the complete HGTV article Discover the Latest Kitchen Color Trends click here.

At Central Cabinetry our kitchen design experts can show you the popular color trends for Florida. Its important to note that the area in which you live can also impact color choice. If you would are looking to purchase Florida kitchen cabinets for your upcoming Orlando kitchen and would like to schedule and appointment with one of our professional kitchen designers you can contact us here. They will help you determine what color and kitchen trends for 2016 are right for your Florida kitchen remodel.

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