Central   Unique Storage OptionsOver the years the use and the function of the kitchen has changed. Kitchens have become the heart of the home that most of the activity revolves around. Kitchens are used to not only entertain, but also for many other activities in the home such as paying bills and kids doing homework. With so many different activities revolving around the kitchen, organization can sometimes be a perplexing dilemma. People no longer want to see the clutter.

When deciding to remodel your kitchen it is the perfect time to think about the function of your kitchen and organization. Homeowners areCentral   spice rack fortunate in that cabinet-makers have come up with some pretty unique storage ideas for the kitchen. There are varieties of ready-made shelves, drawers, and organizers. You may remember the clunky utensil caddy and spice rack that sat on the counter? Today, you can have a pullout spice rack that is hidden or a built in utensil caddy in a drawer.

Central  Pegged dish organizerOther options you may want to include in your design are pull out cabinet drawers or a pegged dish organizer. You can utilize corners with a lazy susan or even corner drawers. Another innovative storage idea is instead of a toe kick actually having a drawer in its place. You may have seen many types of appliance garages in the past. Today there are many ways to hide these appliances and make them a part of the woodwork of your kitchen.

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