Central Money Saving TipsMany homeowners will wait way too long to remodel their kitchen because they are afraid of the overall cost of a kitchen remodel. Many have heard that it is the most expensive room in the home to remodel. It doesnt have to be that way. Homeowners can remodel their kitchen now and be very successful by using these money saving tips and avoiding costly mistakes.

When it comes to remodeling a kitchen homeowners want to make decisions that will add value to their home and give them a return on their investment. Knowing what upgrades are worth doing and using a reputable and quality cabinet company will have the biggest impact on their overall kitchen remodel.

So how can homeowners get the kitchen they want and save money at the same time?

Money Saving Tips

  • Avoid major structural changes – If you can use your existing space without moving or knocking down walls it will keep the cost down considerably. Instead create a cutout or opening to another room. This will help open up the kitchen and also give your more countertop space.
  • Keep appliances in the same location – Anytime you have to start moving electrical appliances and plumbing the cost of a kitchen remodel gets more expensive. While this may not work in every remodel, only move appliances that are necessary for overall function and design.
  • Use more than one countertop material Not only does using more than one countertop material in the kitchen add style and visual interest but it can also help you save money. Look at your different countertop options and add contrast to your new kitchen.
  • Use track lighting instead of recessed lighting You can get the same amount of lighting for a fraction of the cost and it adds style and character to your remodel.
  • Use a cabinet company with experienced designers – Many homeowners think they will save money by going to a big box store, but in reality they end up spending more in the long run. Central Cabinetry has a group of experienced designers that will give you a free consultation. They know how to cut costs, avoid costly mistakes, and make you more likely to be ecstatic with your overall kitchen remodel.

Our design experts at Central Cabinetry can show you more ways you can cut costs and save on your kitchen remodel. If you would like to schedule and appointment with one of our kitchen design professionals you can contact us here.