describe the imageIf youre like most people who eat and cook at home, you would love nothing more than to own a large, efficiently designed, stylish kitchen (with plenty of counter space and storage). Unfortunately, not every home can facilitate a large kitchen, so many homeowners are left daydreaming about someday in the possible future when they may get their wish.

We recommend that instead of dreaming about a large kitchen that may not be feasible, you make your current kitchen the best it can be. There are plenty of ways to make your small kitchen act and appear larger with color tricks and smart usage of the space youre given.

Presto change-o

Youre not alone with your small kitchen setbacks, and lucky for you, designers and homeowners have experimented to make that space work. Here are some ideas:

  • Utilize white This is one you may have heard before, and it is one that makes a world of difference. Choosing whiter or lighter cabinet finishes can brighten the space and make it look larger, whereas darker finishes will often do the opposite. Another trick is to keep cabinet colors similar to the wall colors. This will blur the visual boundaries.
  • Think taller Looking for more storage space? Start by looking up. Opting for taller wall cabinets can give you the extra storage you need for your kitchen items, and can make the kitchen look taller and thus, larger.
  • Think smaller – If you are living alone or you dont utilize your full-sized appliances to their capacity, you could potentially downsize your appliances, which will open up more space for storage, and make everything else look relatively larger.
  • Store smarter Make your corners functional instead of opting for blind corner cabinets, and make items in the back of your cabinets reachable with roll-out shelves and drawers. This will help you feel like you have a larger space, because youll be less frustrated daily.
  • Get rid of clutter If you dont use it regularly, get it off of the countertopsand if you dont use it at all, get rid of it! The less you have, the less you have to hide.
  • Light it up Keep your kitchen well-lit by installing proper lighting and taking advantage of natural light wherever possible. Brightening the space will automatically make it appear larger.
  • Multiply with mirrors If you have the space, strategically place mirrors to bounce around light and play tricks on the eyes, expanding the room visually.
  • Open it up A closed off space with more walls and cabinets can add weight and visual boundaries to the room, drawing attention to the fact that it is tiny. Opening up the space to other rooms can eliminate boundaries and make it look as if the kitchen expands into the adjoining rooms.

If youre tired of living with your small Orlando area kitchen, we can help you make the most of the space. Contact us for a conversation to see what can be done!

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