Coffee Station.pngAre you an avid coffee drinker? Well, the money you spend at the coffee shop may pay for your own coffee station in your home over time. Consider making your own coffee shop and theme it however you want in your kitchen. Here are some good ideas to get you stated.

You need space, your preferred coffee maker, a grinder (if you use one), any other equipment and space for mugs and storage all near an electrical outlet.

Thats the basics. Now lets get to the perks! Imagine waking up knowing your coffee is ready, and your mug is warm waiting for you. Thats just the beginning.

Espresso Built In.pngLuxury in Your Kitchen Built-In Coffee or Espresso Machine

Pick your space and install a built-in machine. They look very professional and stylish and everyone will love it. You can even accessorize the area with pullout trays around it for storage.

Accessorize with a Mug Drawer

Keep your mugs directly under your coffee maker with a mug drawer. Perfect to organize all your personal mugs for you and your family.

Warm it Up

You can even get a mug warming drawer appliance. What will they think of next!? Must be a great feeling in cold winters.

K-Cup and Other Organizers

Growing in popularity are places to store things like K-Cups right next to your coffee machine.

Give it Some Caf Art

Give your coffee caf a cool theme and feel by putting dcor to match.

Concealed Fridge

A nice touch is to put a concealed fridge below your coffee station to store milk, creamer and other cold things.

For more great ideas to give your coffee station pizzazz read this article.

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