Central Cabinetry  refrigerator panelsPeople considering a kitchen remodel are not only looking to update their kitchens, but find a look that wont go out of style. They want something that will give that extra little bit of charm.

Something that has been around for years and continues to be a popular trend is blending appliances into the woodwork of kitchens. Cabinet makers have gone beyond the typical appliance panels and found some pretty innovative ways to hide the clutter. Especially now more than ever with open kitchens people want to make their kitchens an extension of their living space. They want a kitchen that looks less like a kitchen and well more like furniture.

Appliances That Can be Hidden

There are several appliances that can be integrated into the woodwork of your kitchen. This gives you more space to entertain and gives the kitchen a less cluttered and finished look. The following is a list of items that can be hidden. Our kitchen designers can incorporate these options into your kitchen design to help you get the kitchen you want.

Refrigerators/ Dishwashers– These are probably one of the more common appliances that people hide in their kitchens. They do this through appliance panels that go on the front and match the rest of the cabinets. Another option for refrigerators is refrigerator drawers. Especially if you have little ones it makes it easier for them to get to their snacks.

Large Mixers- You can use an appliance lift that the mixer sits on a shelf and and pulls out of the cabinet up to countertop height.

Central  TrashTrash Compactors/Trash Cans– Today you can have a trash cabinet that pulls out. It hides the garbage and recyclables right inside your cabinet. It looks just like another cabinet. Dont be surprised if people have to ask you where your trash is.

Blenders/Toasters- You can either use an appliance garage or pullout shelves that make it easier to have access to these appliances. Appliance garages look a lot different than they used to. They can be put many different places in the kitchen and most people wont even know what is behind them.

Microwaves- You might consider using a microwave drawer. They work best in a base cabinet underneath your countertop.

Things to Keep in Mind

There are some things you will want to consider when integrating your appliances into the woodwork of your kitchen.

  • You need to consider the life expectancy of your appliances if you want to use appliance panels. The life expectancy of major kitchen appliances range anywhere from 6-13 years. Trash compactors typically last 6 years and refrigerators last the longest around 13. If you plan on staying in your home a while you might want to consider buying new appliances as a part of your remodel.
  • Do your research before picking your appliances. Not all appliances come panel ready. Panels are made for specific brands. You will want to have your kitchen designer help you find which appliances work best with your design. If your designer knows what you want ahead of time, it will keep you from having to sacrifice things you really want in your kitchen.
  • Some appliances such as dishwashers can give off moisture and cause damage to the exterior of your cabinets. It may cause you to have to replace that panel later. Our kitchen professionals can guide you on the best practices for caring for your kitchen cabinets.

Our kitchen professionals at Central Cabinetry would love to spend some time showing you the different ways you can integrate your appliances and other kitchen items into the woodwork of your kitchen.

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