Central Small Kitchen Tidy.pngMaking a small kitchen look tidy and clean can sometimes be tricky. It doesnt take much clutter or stuff to make it look unkempt or untidy. Following these few simple design tricks will help you to have a clean and attractive small kitchen.

Small kitchens can be a great encouragement to help you to live more simply and only keep and store those things you really need.

Design Ideas for a Tidy Kitchen

  • Assign designated storage areas – Certain cupboards should have specific uses. For example, all the baking products should go in one cupboard.
  • Take advantage of corner spaces and use them for specific purposes.
  • Optimize storage options and rollout drawers to help you see in the back of your cabinets. Consider hooks or even dividers.
  • Overlap kitchen work zones where similar items will be used.
  • Use smaller appliances so you increase your cabinet and storage space.
  • Include recessed shelves like around a refrigerator where the space is too small or awkward to put cabinets.
  • Reduce the number of things you store. For example, do you really need 15 coffee mugs?

Many people may feel they have a small kitchen, but that doesnt mean they cant have a clean and tidy kitchen. Our kitchen design experts at Central Cabinetry are used to working with small spaces and can help you design the best kitchen that is set up to stay clean and organized.

If you have a small kitchen and would like to discuss more design ideas with one of our kitchen design experts you can contact us here.

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